Take A Mom's Word For It

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I have been MIA these last few weeks... I went back to work and am still sorting out some time management "issues". We had a few giveaways end and a few winners to announce...

Congratulations Brooke! You have won a personalized pencil box! Such a great back to school item!!

Congratulations to Jayda!! You have won 3 boxes (1 box a week for 3 weeks) of Girl Gotch - the ultimate in underwear for little girls!! The pairs we reviewed are always the first to be put on after laundry day - a definite favorite!

Congratulations to "Cherdon"! You have won a set of 3 Stitch Hoodies from Diana Couture!

I will be emailing all the winners shortly. Thanks to everyone who entered... lots of great things coming up!!