Take A Mom's Word For It

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This post is inspired by Sabrina over at Noodles & Milk. This is what happened to me - today!

1. Today, my sweet Little S cried and cried when I left for work... I know baby, Mommy would LOVE for us all to stay home today :(

2. Today, I actually had a meal plan BEFORE 5 minutes to 5! (Yay Me!)

3. Today, I finished a rush order of a crocheted owl hat for a customer!

4. Today, I shared a special moment with my girls when we all sat in a line a brushed each other's hair - this btw is one of the best feelings. Who needs an expensive spa?!

5. Today, a woman at my daughters' ballet lesson took my seat when I got up to use the washroom even though my things were still on the chair! Ugh!

6. Today, I was caffeine free - though I'm pretty sure that's why I was a wee bit grumpy!

7. Today, one of my students caused me to don a pair of rubber gloves - nuff said!

What happened to you today??

Wordless Wednesday

You might remember the quick mention I made HERE about the hubster going to the desert... well here he is...

Amazing scenery (I'm told - haha!). And no, he didn't stop for anyone that appeared to be in 'distress' while driving. Just saying.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

10 Things I Do as a Parent I Swore I Never Would

1. Drive a minivan. Yep. A minivan. I have always been an SUV kinda gal, but with the arrival of baby #3 (a.k.a. Little S) we just couldn't manage in anything less!

2. Prepare more than 1 meal at dinner time. I always swore I'd never make separate meals for my children if there was something they didn't care for, but many nights - like most nights I end up making a lot of food... maybe that's why I hate cooking so much!

3. Need so much caffeine. Nuf' said.

4. Not have time to read the nightly books sent home from school - this is especially bad because I am a teacher!

5. Be so protective of my children. When I grew up, my brother and I were able to play outside by ourselves - until the street lights came on or my Mom called from the front door. I do not let my children out of my sight for even a moment outside the house... the world can be a scary place. I know, I watch Criminal Minds! (ha!) Speaking of which, hubby is in the desert tonight. My advice, don't stop for anyone with what appears to be a flat tire!

6. Let my kids watch T.V. Admittedly, my girls watch T.V. Not a ton, but certainly more than I thought I'd ever allow.

7. Hide from my family. Oh come on, like you've never taken a 'few' extra minutes in the washroom just because it makes for a quiet moment?! Or gone to the laundry room because there was a laundry emergency. Sometimes all I need are a few quiet minutes to take a deep breath.

8. Eat out so much. Hubby and I are really NOT the cooking type. Sure, every now and then I'll do up a roast chicken or something, but for the most part - not so much. We love "out-food" and will sometimes even go so far as to make something for the girls and then order something for us! And yes, we know which restaurants offer "Kids Eat Free" deals!!

9. Leave the bedroom in the morning without making the bed. Yes, I had been pretty obsessive about that at one point in my life, but now... I mean really, if I could use those extra 3 minutes in the morning to braid someone's hair - I'll take it!

10. Feel as much love for my family as I do everyday. Of course I knew I would love family life, but it is truly overwhelming.

Is there anything you do as a parent you thought you'd NEVER do??

Sunday, March 20, 2011

We Are Canadian Blog Hop!

Well, it's been awhile since I have linked up with a blog hop, but in support of other Canadian Bloggers and also in an effort to pick up a few more readers before my blog comes back to life this summer (I'm a school teacher, what can I say!) I thought I'd give it a go!

Welcome my Canadian Sisters! If you decide to follow please leave me a comment and I'll be sure to pop by your spot in the blogosphere and return the favour. I haven't had much time for posting lately, but I somehow find the time to read :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Charm Design Winner!

The lucky winner of the Designer Clutch from Charm Design has been chosen...

Congratulations Melissa! I will be sending you an email shortly. Thanks to everyone for entering and stay tuned for more great things to come!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Inner Hooker Winners!

The 3 LUCKY Hookers have been drawn! Each winner will receive 3 patterns of their choice from the very talented Scotti at Inner Hooker!

Congratulations to all three of you! Time to get your hook on!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

{Not So} Wordless Wednesday

The snow is nearly all gone here... but here were a few of our 'snowy highlights'.

Tell me you don't remember LOVING eating icicles?!

Child labour :P

Eating (the clean!) snow!

Backyard ice rink...