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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Barbie I Can Be - Raising Girls

My girls are growing up. Of course, right?! I mean, I always knew they’d grow up, but so fast?! The twins are 6 and in Grade 1 while my youngest is 3 and happily attending day care. Where has the time gone? Just the other day Miss A read an entire picture book to me. And tonight, Miss H lost her first front tooth! Everything happens so fast.

As you know, I am a member of the Mom Central Team – a Canadian group of Mommy Bloggers, and I was fortunate enough to be selected to participate in the Barbie I Can Be Campaign. Yeah, you heard me, Barbie! Barbie has been around for many generations, and they have recently launched a new website (www.bethevoice.ca), designed to help Moms with the daunting task of raising smarter, stronger, happier and fulfilled daughters.

Raising a family of girls is a rewarding yet often challenging task. I want my children to have a voice; a voice with their peers, with their teachers and with those that challenge them. I want them to believe in themselves and their abilities. In my house, we consistently talk about what it means to “use our words” and why it’s important to treat everyone nicely (even when you may not want to!). It’s something we practice during dinner and quiet times. The older girls are in the throes of social chaos – 6 year old style. And as a parent, short of running to the school and “straightening out” a few children, the only thing we can do is be consistent in our message and keep the lines of communication open. We make efforts to acknowledge their positive actions and talk about appropriate choices.

The new Barbie I Can Be website features Leading Canadian Parenting Coach, Terry Carson of www.theparentingcoach.ca. She offers unique perspectives and experiences for those of us striving to be better parents. And what’s more, Moms just like you and I weigh in on issues of importance. There’s nothing like making a connection with another Mom living through similar experiences – very powerful.

Disclosure: I am participating in the Barbie I Can Be campaign by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Mattel Canada. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Have You Played Today?

It’s the start of the Thanksgiving weekend and what better time to enjoy the company of family and friends. I have a lot to be thankful for, a lot. My girls are growing up to be strong willed, independent, bright children, and fast – too fast.

As you know, I was selected to be a KinderMOM. And as a KinderMOM I’ve been reminded how important it is to make time for play. So, yesterday we headed to my Mom’s house for a good ol’ turkey dinner. I was ‘instructed’, as Mom’s do, to not bring any food, only ourselves. Well, I couldn’t let that slide entirely!

The girls and I decided to make their favourite treat – crispie rice squares! … but with a “Kinder Twist”.

We heated or margarine, counted the marshmallows and heated them up. With the mixture still hot we crumbled 3(!!) whole Kinder Surprise Eggs! The girls loved breaking them into pieces!

We mixed in the rice crisps and popped the pan in the fridge. In the meantime, the girls played with their Kinder Toys!

How did our Crispy Rice Squares with a Kinder Twist taste?? I’ll give you a clue…

How do you make time for play? How do you turn something into a surprise?

Are you a fan of Kinder Canada on Facebook?? You should be! 10 lucky Facebook fans are going to receive a Kinder Gift Basket worth $200!! Will it be you?

Disclosure: I'm part of the Kinder Mom program and receive special perks as part as my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

They're Back, and With a Great Surprise!

Well it’s true. You may have already caught the sweet chocolately wiff of it in the blogosphere or even on Facebook the official Re-Launch of Kinder Surprise Canada is happening, like NOW! And guess what?! I have been selected to take part in this special campaign through Mom Central as a KinderMom! And yes, this almost definitely involves sampling these delicious treats! *Insert jealous salivating here *

Did you know that Canadians have been enjoying the cocoa and milky lining of Kinder for OVER 30 years?! Maybe you were even a KinderKid growing up? Maybe you had a special collection of Kinder Toy “treasures”? Feeling a teeny tiny bit old? No way! Kinder Eggs were, and still are, fun for all ages!

Kinder Surprise Canada is releasing an ALL NEW 2012 toy collection which means 70 NEW toys, including a 22cm Giraffe!

You can get a peek at the 2012 collection on their Facebook page HERE. They are in stores now (I spotted them in Walmart just yesterday!) so what are you waiting for? I especially enjoy the toys that require assembly. It gives my girls a chance to follow the instructions independently and build their fine motor skills (do I sound like a primary school teacher or what?!).

Taking time for play is what Kinder is all about…

We threw an impromptu rock concert here just the other day. There was music, lights, microphones, rad dance moves (including hair flipping) and singing! It took all of 15 minutes, but we had a blast. It was seriously the best part of the day!

Have YOU played today?

ALERT!! This just announced... the KinderCanada Facebook Page will be GIVING AWAY 5000 KinderSurprises on Monday August 29th!! The time of the giveaway is a surprise, but be sure to like thier page so you don't miss out on this sweet chocolately surprise!!

Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Psst... Anyone here?!

It kills me, but summer is drawing to an end. As you may (or let’s face it, may “not”) have noticed, not only did I finish the school year in June, but my blogging abruptly stopped. There were a lot of reasons for this, but primarily, I wanted to enjoy my family and enjoy my 2 months off! And I DID! … camp, crocheting, snuggling, visiting, California, Disney!

But alas, summer is coming to an end. The nights are getting cooler (great for opening the windows) and my girls are actually getting tired of wearing dresses so, it’s back to work I go next week – setting up and preparing for a new group of kiddies and sending my youngest off to day care *sniff, sniff*.

I hope y’all stick around cause not only am I back, but I’ve swatted away all the flies that were lurking around TAMWFI!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


2 winners to be announced...

Thanks to Monica at Snazzy Crochet Designs who, from one crocheter to another does beautiful work! The lucky winner of a CUSTOM hat is...

Lori G.! I will be contacting you tonight!! She has 48 hours to respond to my email :)

Thanks to EdenFantasys - offering great ways for couples to 'connect'. The winner is...

Congratulations WinItMama! I will be emailing you later tonight! You have 48 hours to respond :)

Thanks to everyone who entered!! More great things to come... after I finish writing report cards!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Remember When... GIVEAWAY ALERT!

Remember when awhile back I hosted a giveaway for a crochet/knitters' project bag?! Read the full review HERE. Whenever a great shop does great work I want to tell everyone!! Well, Diana Couture really does make great project bags!

Diana is NOW hosting her own giveaway on Facebook! All you have to do is become a Facebook fan before June 30th and you're in!! What's she giving away? This One of a Kind, Hand-Beaded Yarn Owl!

There are only 4 days until she draws!! Please help spread the word about this great shop (as an added incentive, if you become a fan of Diana Couture on FB you can have 3 extra entries into any one of my giveaways!!)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - May 2-4 Weekend!

We had a great long weekend here... fireworks, bracelet making, a FIRST visit from the Toothfairy, playing outside, movie watching, sleeping in, oh, and we got a NEW swingset!! The girls LOVE it!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Toothfairy Tonight!

Well, it's been a long couple weeks with loose teeth here at our house. Miss A was first to have a loose tooth, but pictured below is Miss H just a couple days ago - let me tell you I shivered every time she did that!

And then this morning, Miss H woke up and her tooth had fallen out! There was so much pure joy in her face it really was quite exciting!

So, I dug a little in one of my school files and we read a couple Toothfairy books - do YOU know what the Toothfairy does with all those teeth?!

I was inspired by some creative minds on etsy so I decided to spend my afternoon sewing a Toothfairy pillow. There's a small pocket in the front for the tooth and a large one in the back for notes.

At bedtime both girls decided they were writing notes...

And so, with everyone snuggled in their beds we're left wondering, what's the going rate for teeth nowadays?? ;)

We Are Canadian Blog Hop!

I am participating in the We Are Canadian Blog Hop this week! Afterall, it's a Canadian LOOOONG weekend! :) Funny, the May 2-4 weekend meant something WAAAY different when I was younger! Go figure ;)

Thanks to those who are stopping by! Be sure to leave a comment and I'll check in and follow you too! And while you're here, why not enter one of my giveaways?? They're located on the right hand side --->

Monday, May 16, 2011

Snazzy Crochet Designs GIVEAWAY!

I am a crafter at heart and I really believe that hand-made is the way to go when you want something to be personal and appreciated. So, I LOVE when a *new* shop opens and has some fresh designs!

Snazzy Crochet Designs is brand-spankin-new and is looking for some love... I mean really, who could turn this down?!

Monica is the talent behind the designs and when asked to tell us a little about herself this is what she shared:

"I am a mom of a beautiful two year old girl and am expecting a bouncing baby boy in August. I have always been a crafty person. I've tried just about everything and anything you can think of, but it wasn't until shortly after my daughter was born that I tried to crochet. Immediately, I was 'hooked' (no pun intended!) and making blankets, slippers and hats.

It wan't until just recently however, that I decided to open a shop. With my pregnancy being a little rough and not being able to return to work, I had some "extra" time on my hands - and so, the Snazzy Crochet Designs shop was born.

My intentions for this shop is to offer modern crochet designs at affordable prices. Items that perhaps your grandmother might have made, but ones that reflect today's styles. I currently offer hats, bibs, headbands and diaper covers. Since my shop is in it's infancy, I'm constantly adding new items! Other designs to watch for in the future are baby sandals and booties, more hats, toys and much more!"

Here are a few of the products offered by Snazzy Crochet Designs...

Flower Headband - not only perfect for a baby's soft head, but also super cute on older girls!

Bib with Car Applique - who says boy stuff can't be cute?!

Jester Hat - truly the perfect neutral style hat!

Monica at Snazzy Crochet Designs has generously offered one CUSTOM crocheted beanie of the winners choice! Just think of the possibilities!

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Open to Canada and US residents. Good Luck! Ends June 1, 2011

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. I simply wanted to share a great shop and a great giveaway with you!

$100 GC EdenFantasys GIVEAWAY

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Well Mother’s Day has come and gone and I’m sure every one of you enjoyed a relaxing, sleeping in, no cooking, plenty of hugs and kisses kind of day! I know I did! And yes, I did try to convince my family to celebrate Mother’s Day Weekend, but hubby assured me that no, it’ was really only ONE day! I’ll be sure to file that one away for Father’s Day next month!

With all this Mother’s Day/Father’s Day talk, we can’t help but think about *what* made us mothers and fathers – no?! Well, EndenFantasys.com is here to help us remember just what it means to connect with your partner.

Not familiar with EdenFantasys? {wake up!} EdenFantasys.com is your one-stop, online sex shop specializing in sex toys, sensual toys, lingerie, and so much more! I’m not one for outward (blogs count as ‘outward’ right?!) sexual disclosures, but I see nothing wrong with sharing a few ‘good finds’ among friends J

Can we say “massage”? Check it –

Shunga Massage Candle – once warmed, the soybean wax actually turns to a massage oil – also great for after bath! You know I love double-duty items!

Intimate Organics Foot Foreplay

Who doesn’t love a good foot massage?! How about a foot massage with a little boost of moisturizing lotion available in 3 enticing scents: relaxing, invigorating and sensual.


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Oh Plah?!

Ok, so for the most part I'd like to think I'm pretty current when it comes to the latest in baby gear, but I saw something just the other day I had never seen before - how did I miss it?! It the Oh Plah! Teething Cuff!

I'm familiar with Sonny & Reed, Mommy Necklaces, Teething Bling and the like but to me this is new - am I the only one?!

Anyway, there is a giveaway happening for the pink one pictured above over on N.C. Bab Blog. Check it out!

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Big Girls Will Be 6 Tomorrow!

Well, my girls will be 6 tomorrow! Hard to believe! I couldn't help but share a few pics for the occasion...

The next 2 pics were taken the day before they were born. And yes, they were a "healthy" size. Miss A was 7lbs 7oz while Miss H was 8lbs 4oz.!! (Did I mention I'm about a buck 20 soaking wet?!)

This was our very first picture together. xo

Here is Miss H's last picture as a 5 year old! She just discovered her first loose tooth Saturday night! She couldn't have been more thrilled!!
Here is Miss A's last picture as a 5 year old! She too has a loose tooth - though discovered last week, yes, it was quiet dramatic to have one with something and not the other!

Tomorrow they will wake as 6 year olds - though they've assured me that they "probably wont look too different"! xoxo

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Huh?

I am not normally the type to take pictures of flowers... but I've never seen anything like this before...

These are the tulips currently on my diningroom table... that one stem has 2 flowers!! Have you ever seen that before?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Little S is 3!

My sweet baby turned 3 on Monday and she was SO SICK!! Poor thing! She did manage to make it through the day with a few smiles...

The last picture I took of her as a 2 year old - Can I be happy & sad at the same time about this?

She wanted to open presents, but it was quite a feat and she didn't really take the time to enjoy them.

This is the Birthday Shirt I made for her. You can find the tutorial HERE. I was pretty pleased with myself and plan to make 2 more when the twins turn 6 later this month! She didn't wear it on her big day - for fear of vomit!! BUT, she'll be wearing it to daycare tomorrow!

She volunteered a quick smile with her cake, but wasn't interested in the whole singing/blowing fiasco.

This next one is my favourite picture of the day - the only silly moment!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl... You really do make my days happy! xo

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This post is inspired by Sabrina over at Noodles & Milk. This is what happened to me - today!

1. Today, my sweet Little S cried and cried when I left for work... I know baby, Mommy would LOVE for us all to stay home today :(

2. Today, I actually had a meal plan BEFORE 5 minutes to 5! (Yay Me!)

3. Today, I finished a rush order of a crocheted owl hat for a customer!

4. Today, I shared a special moment with my girls when we all sat in a line a brushed each other's hair - this btw is one of the best feelings. Who needs an expensive spa?!

5. Today, a woman at my daughters' ballet lesson took my seat when I got up to use the washroom even though my things were still on the chair! Ugh!

6. Today, I was caffeine free - though I'm pretty sure that's why I was a wee bit grumpy!

7. Today, one of my students caused me to don a pair of rubber gloves - nuff said!

What happened to you today??

Wordless Wednesday

You might remember the quick mention I made HERE about the hubster going to the desert... well here he is...

Amazing scenery (I'm told - haha!). And no, he didn't stop for anyone that appeared to be in 'distress' while driving. Just saying.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

10 Things I Do as a Parent I Swore I Never Would

1. Drive a minivan. Yep. A minivan. I have always been an SUV kinda gal, but with the arrival of baby #3 (a.k.a. Little S) we just couldn't manage in anything less!

2. Prepare more than 1 meal at dinner time. I always swore I'd never make separate meals for my children if there was something they didn't care for, but many nights - like most nights I end up making a lot of food... maybe that's why I hate cooking so much!

3. Need so much caffeine. Nuf' said.

4. Not have time to read the nightly books sent home from school - this is especially bad because I am a teacher!

5. Be so protective of my children. When I grew up, my brother and I were able to play outside by ourselves - until the street lights came on or my Mom called from the front door. I do not let my children out of my sight for even a moment outside the house... the world can be a scary place. I know, I watch Criminal Minds! (ha!) Speaking of which, hubby is in the desert tonight. My advice, don't stop for anyone with what appears to be a flat tire!

6. Let my kids watch T.V. Admittedly, my girls watch T.V. Not a ton, but certainly more than I thought I'd ever allow.

7. Hide from my family. Oh come on, like you've never taken a 'few' extra minutes in the washroom just because it makes for a quiet moment?! Or gone to the laundry room because there was a laundry emergency. Sometimes all I need are a few quiet minutes to take a deep breath.

8. Eat out so much. Hubby and I are really NOT the cooking type. Sure, every now and then I'll do up a roast chicken or something, but for the most part - not so much. We love "out-food" and will sometimes even go so far as to make something for the girls and then order something for us! And yes, we know which restaurants offer "Kids Eat Free" deals!!

9. Leave the bedroom in the morning without making the bed. Yes, I had been pretty obsessive about that at one point in my life, but now... I mean really, if I could use those extra 3 minutes in the morning to braid someone's hair - I'll take it!

10. Feel as much love for my family as I do everyday. Of course I knew I would love family life, but it is truly overwhelming.

Is there anything you do as a parent you thought you'd NEVER do??

Sunday, March 20, 2011

We Are Canadian Blog Hop!

Well, it's been awhile since I have linked up with a blog hop, but in support of other Canadian Bloggers and also in an effort to pick up a few more readers before my blog comes back to life this summer (I'm a school teacher, what can I say!) I thought I'd give it a go!

Welcome my Canadian Sisters! If you decide to follow please leave me a comment and I'll be sure to pop by your spot in the blogosphere and return the favour. I haven't had much time for posting lately, but I somehow find the time to read :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Charm Design Winner!

The lucky winner of the Designer Clutch from Charm Design has been chosen...

Congratulations Melissa! I will be sending you an email shortly. Thanks to everyone for entering and stay tuned for more great things to come!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Inner Hooker Winners!

The 3 LUCKY Hookers have been drawn! Each winner will receive 3 patterns of their choice from the very talented Scotti at Inner Hooker!

Congratulations to all three of you! Time to get your hook on!