Take A Mom's Word For It

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Big Girls Will Be 6 Tomorrow!

Well, my girls will be 6 tomorrow! Hard to believe! I couldn't help but share a few pics for the occasion...

The next 2 pics were taken the day before they were born. And yes, they were a "healthy" size. Miss A was 7lbs 7oz while Miss H was 8lbs 4oz.!! (Did I mention I'm about a buck 20 soaking wet?!)

This was our very first picture together. xo

Here is Miss H's last picture as a 5 year old! She just discovered her first loose tooth Saturday night! She couldn't have been more thrilled!!
Here is Miss A's last picture as a 5 year old! She too has a loose tooth - though discovered last week, yes, it was quiet dramatic to have one with something and not the other!

Tomorrow they will wake as 6 year olds - though they've assured me that they "probably wont look too different"! xoxo

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Huh?

I am not normally the type to take pictures of flowers... but I've never seen anything like this before...

These are the tulips currently on my diningroom table... that one stem has 2 flowers!! Have you ever seen that before?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Little S is 3!

My sweet baby turned 3 on Monday and she was SO SICK!! Poor thing! She did manage to make it through the day with a few smiles...

The last picture I took of her as a 2 year old - Can I be happy & sad at the same time about this?

She wanted to open presents, but it was quite a feat and she didn't really take the time to enjoy them.

This is the Birthday Shirt I made for her. You can find the tutorial HERE. I was pretty pleased with myself and plan to make 2 more when the twins turn 6 later this month! She didn't wear it on her big day - for fear of vomit!! BUT, she'll be wearing it to daycare tomorrow!

She volunteered a quick smile with her cake, but wasn't interested in the whole singing/blowing fiasco.

This next one is my favourite picture of the day - the only silly moment!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl... You really do make my days happy! xo