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Monday, April 18, 2011

My Big Girls Will Be 6 Tomorrow!

Well, my girls will be 6 tomorrow! Hard to believe! I couldn't help but share a few pics for the occasion...

The next 2 pics were taken the day before they were born. And yes, they were a "healthy" size. Miss A was 7lbs 7oz while Miss H was 8lbs 4oz.!! (Did I mention I'm about a buck 20 soaking wet?!)

This was our very first picture together. xo

Here is Miss H's last picture as a 5 year old! She just discovered her first loose tooth Saturday night! She couldn't have been more thrilled!!
Here is Miss A's last picture as a 5 year old! She too has a loose tooth - though discovered last week, yes, it was quiet dramatic to have one with something and not the other!

Tomorrow they will wake as 6 year olds - though they've assured me that they "probably wont look too different"! xoxo


deanna said...

Ohmigosh...that belly! You rock.

Judy said...

Wow...that's incredible that you were able to carry those gorgeous girls long enough for them to be such a healthy size. Happy birthday to both of them :)

Shash said...

wow, now that's a side shot!! :) I love it. I'm a big believer in belly luv. Wear it proud. Happy birthday Miss A and Miss H!!

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Diana - Teacher Mom said...

Your daughters are beautiful! Happy birthday to them!

And wow, you looked great pregnant! I can't believe your daughters were born so big for twins. How was the labour?

mapsgirl said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughters!

And I love your belly pics!

fredamans said...

Happy Birthday girls!

GraceandMe said...

Wow, just another reason why women ROCK! Who else could carry a baby belly and still stand up? Happy Birthday to your girls.

Carmen said...

This is amazing...this is the miracle of life...you must be a very happy mother of those wonderful hip hop beats