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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Toothfairy Tonight!

Well, it's been a long couple weeks with loose teeth here at our house. Miss A was first to have a loose tooth, but pictured below is Miss H just a couple days ago - let me tell you I shivered every time she did that!

And then this morning, Miss H woke up and her tooth had fallen out! There was so much pure joy in her face it really was quite exciting!

So, I dug a little in one of my school files and we read a couple Toothfairy books - do YOU know what the Toothfairy does with all those teeth?!

I was inspired by some creative minds on etsy so I decided to spend my afternoon sewing a Toothfairy pillow. There's a small pocket in the front for the tooth and a large one in the back for notes.

At bedtime both girls decided they were writing notes...

And so, with everyone snuggled in their beds we're left wondering, what's the going rate for teeth nowadays?? ;)

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