Take A Mom's Word For It

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This post is inspired by Sabrina over at Noodles & Milk. This is what happened to me - today!

1. Today, my sweet Little S cried and cried when I left for work... I know baby, Mommy would LOVE for us all to stay home today :(

2. Today, I actually had a meal plan BEFORE 5 minutes to 5! (Yay Me!)

3. Today, I finished a rush order of a crocheted owl hat for a customer!

4. Today, I shared a special moment with my girls when we all sat in a line a brushed each other's hair - this btw is one of the best feelings. Who needs an expensive spa?!

5. Today, a woman at my daughters' ballet lesson took my seat when I got up to use the washroom even though my things were still on the chair! Ugh!

6. Today, I was caffeine free - though I'm pretty sure that's why I was a wee bit grumpy!

7. Today, one of my students caused me to don a pair of rubber gloves - nuff said!

What happened to you today??

1 comment:

Sabrina said...

That is definitely an intense day (Although so sweet with the hair brushing!) Hope you got a good night's sleep and today was a little easier:) Thanks for sharing...