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Saturday, March 26, 2011

10 Things I Do as a Parent I Swore I Never Would

1. Drive a minivan. Yep. A minivan. I have always been an SUV kinda gal, but with the arrival of baby #3 (a.k.a. Little S) we just couldn't manage in anything less!

2. Prepare more than 1 meal at dinner time. I always swore I'd never make separate meals for my children if there was something they didn't care for, but many nights - like most nights I end up making a lot of food... maybe that's why I hate cooking so much!

3. Need so much caffeine. Nuf' said.

4. Not have time to read the nightly books sent home from school - this is especially bad because I am a teacher!

5. Be so protective of my children. When I grew up, my brother and I were able to play outside by ourselves - until the street lights came on or my Mom called from the front door. I do not let my children out of my sight for even a moment outside the house... the world can be a scary place. I know, I watch Criminal Minds! (ha!) Speaking of which, hubby is in the desert tonight. My advice, don't stop for anyone with what appears to be a flat tire!

6. Let my kids watch T.V. Admittedly, my girls watch T.V. Not a ton, but certainly more than I thought I'd ever allow.

7. Hide from my family. Oh come on, like you've never taken a 'few' extra minutes in the washroom just because it makes for a quiet moment?! Or gone to the laundry room because there was a laundry emergency. Sometimes all I need are a few quiet minutes to take a deep breath.

8. Eat out so much. Hubby and I are really NOT the cooking type. Sure, every now and then I'll do up a roast chicken or something, but for the most part - not so much. We love "out-food" and will sometimes even go so far as to make something for the girls and then order something for us! And yes, we know which restaurants offer "Kids Eat Free" deals!!

9. Leave the bedroom in the morning without making the bed. Yes, I had been pretty obsessive about that at one point in my life, but now... I mean really, if I could use those extra 3 minutes in the morning to braid someone's hair - I'll take it!

10. Feel as much love for my family as I do everyday. Of course I knew I would love family life, but it is truly overwhelming.

Is there anything you do as a parent you thought you'd NEVER do??


tlcfree2bme said...

You are not alone!!! There are so many things on top of some of the things you posted that I do that I thought I'd never do, and for the life of me I just can't stop!!! But I figure as long as no one is getting hurt by my sometimes bad habits and my family is happy and health, I'll stop worrying about it.
Love this post,

Mommy said...

omg what a great list as I was reading this I was shaking my head yes and COMPLETELY agreeing with every one of them! I'm still good with a couple of them and haven't gone against my word and hopefully when Emma gets a bit older I don't but unfortunately I see myself caving LOL. But for now I'm gonna say I'll try my best. :)


Katrina @ They All Call Me Mom said...

Hi! I'm a new follower...and I love your list of ten things. I can relate to so many of them!

For one, my bed is hardly ever made anymore. We order Pizza at least twice a week due to time restraints. And hide? Oh heck yea, I hide. I have a guest house in our back yard, and I've made that my office. And I hide in there all the time! The t.v.....well, let's just say I love love love Dora the Explorer because my two year old LOVES her! Keeps her entertained so that I can shower, do my make-up, get dressed, blog! We are passed the mini-van stage because our family grew and we don't fit in one anymore, but oh yes, I fought that. But not as much as I fought getting a 15 passenger "shuttle bus" van. Believe me when I tell you that I'd gladly get back into a minivan if I could!

Love your blog - so glad I found you :)

Katrina in CA, USA

JaMean said...

LOL! I love your list. This is SO true. As for #4 on your list, don't beat yourself up. Live for the great moments, not the ones that are almost impossible to complete!

I swore I would never say "Because I am your mom and I say so."

Now that my oldest is 14 followed by a set of 13 yr. old twins, this is now my favorite phrase!

Bliss Images and Beyond said...

This is great! I am agreeing with ALL of them. We were just discussing #5 yesterday, too. My aunt said, "you and your cousin would leave the house in the morning and we wouldn't see you til dinner time." I'm not sure they even knew where we were! Yikes! Thanks for the nice comments on my blog, I am a new follower of yours. :-)