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Monday, June 28, 2010

Keeping the Kids Busy! < Part 2 >

Well, we did a few things this weekend that we haven't really done before with the girls that I thought I'd share with you all.

I taught Miss A how to braid. Braiding is just one of those things, a "skill" maybe, that I learned how to do *ages* ago. Both my older girls have long and beautiful hair so I often find myself making mini-braids, ponytail braids and french braids.

We used 3 different colours of yarn, tied at the top and then pinned with a safety pin to a sofa cushion. I sat directly behind her and we were off. She did a fantastic job and all I did was hold the yarn ends down. When we were finished she decided to wear it as a necklace - she was so proud!
The other thing we did was had a water gun fight. Guns bought from the dollar store worked great and we had a blast! Poor Daddy was cutting the lawn though so he didn't have any defences!

Both activities are super simple and maybe that's why we don't think of them often. It's always great to do some of the things I used to do when I was young, you know, before T.V. was on all day long! Who doesn't have great memories of building forts with blankets and chairs?!


Plantress said...

isn't it telling that our favorite childhood memories don't have anything to do with tv. The braiding will be very useful. You should find a neighborhood girl who can teach them the basic macrame knots that the kids use to make friendship bracelets! A trip to michaels for yarn and they will be happy for weeks! They can sell them at the pool or just give them to each other. You make a wish when you knot them on and the wish comes true when the knot disinegrates from wear.

sara said...

I STILL can't french braid, despite having had long hair for 95% of my life. My mom always has to do it for me. :)

Kady L. said...

Plantress, that's a fantastic idea! I actually know how to make and knot all kinds of friendship bracelets. But, I'll wait til we have the brading mastered ;)

Sara, funny how things work out like that. I grew up with a swimming pool in my backyard and yet, NEVER knew how to dive - and still don't!

Thanks for the comments!