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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

3 in 1 Birthday Bonanza!

All 3 of my girls celebrate their birthdays in April... between this and Easter we've done a lot of gift opening and sweets eating! ...ugh... we still have 3 partial cakes kicking around the house!

While we had a small get together for S when she turned 2, we hosted a "3 in 1 Birthday Party Bonanza" this past Saturday to celebrate S turning 2 and H and A turning 5 with a larger group of people. We rented a bouncy castle - so the way to go... BUT despite it being +15C the day before, the day of the party the weather pretty much sucked. It was about +5C with a crazy cold wind. This was fine with the kids of course, but not so much with the adults! Ha! Here are a few photo highlights...

My SIL made the Mickey cake. You can see more of her creative work HERE.

Rewind 5 years to when my twins were born... 2 pictures that are forever burned into my memory...

My girls were born healthy at 7lbs8oz and 8lbs4oz!! Yes, believe it!

Happy Birthday sweet girls! It;s amazing how emotional I feel when thinking about my 'babies' growing up... 5,5 & 2... Crazy!


Happy Gramma said...

Wow! Those are some big twin girls!! I am doula and I have never seen twins that big at birth! Aren't they wonderful? I have 6 children and I love each and every one of them and wouldn't trade a minute of my tiredness, mountains of laundry, homeschooling and everything else!
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful cakes! My twins birthday is the end of the month as well and I've been working on small stuff for them to enjoy on the big day. The cake I left to someone else to make!

Momma E said...

Looks like it was a great day. I love the cakes, so adorable!!!

Love the belly shot of you pregnant with the twins.

Thanks so much for being the 1st follower of my blog (www.mommainthewoods.blogspot.com).

I am following you know and am looking forward to reading more!

jenna said...

I'm here from FF and your newest follower! :) I'd love it if you'd come visit/follow me at www.momsbalancingact.com!

Have a great day!

Sienna said...

Those cakes are amazing... I pride myself in my theme cakes and those put me to shame! I am following you back from FF.