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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Change is good... right?

Well it's been an emotional 10 days here. Just last Tuesday I wrote a post "Good Bye JK, Hello Summer" where I was having difficulty dealing with my twin daughters finishing school, and me coming to realize I was headed back to work in the fall. Well I had yet another dose of reality Sunday... we moved Miss H and Miss A out of their daybeds (their cribs converted) and into bunk beds. Not only that, but Little S acquired one of the day beds and we sold *sniff, sniff* her crib.

All three girls were super excited about their new sleeping arrangements. The older girls were convinced their room looked even more "royal like a princess" and Little S went on and on about being a 'big girl' sleeping in a "big girl bed".

I on the other hand... it was a bitter sweet kind of moment. As you can imagine, I am so excited to see all my girls grow up into bright, compassionate, strong and fun girls. I was also so sad to say goodbye to their 'babyhood'. It's amazing how something so small as furniture can evoke such emotion.

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This Mom said...

Our summer "to do" list inludes moving Maggie into a big girl bed, and selling our crib as well.

Saying goodbye to babyhood is indeed bittersweet, as you said. Excited as I am to get the crib out of there and do a bit of redecorating, it's also a reminder that my baby days are behind me!