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Monday, July 19, 2010

It All Starts Tomorrow... POTTY TRAINING!

Tomorrow's the big day... Little S will officially start potty training! She just turned 2 in April and although I hadn't planned on doing any training until Christmas, I *unfortunately* think she's ready.
  • She often tells me when I need to change her diaper.
  • She sometimes tells me when a "Poo is coming".
  • She usually wakes up dry from night and nap.
  • She asks to go on the toilet.
So, here we go. I consider myself to be moderately experienced with potty training - after all, I did potty train my twins in one weekend! Granted, they were 2.5 years and still occasionally needed a sleep diaper, but it was quite a feat!

Not sure if there's really a term for my method, but we'll essentially be going 'cold turkey' - no diapers. She'll wear a dress (no need to worry about shorts or pants - will make us faster!) and underwear. I will have her sit every 20 minutes and if she goes we'll dance around like fools!

I am also prepared for accidents and bought carpet stain remover on the weekend! BUT... we just may spend a lot of time in the basement! :)

So, wish me luck... it's gonna be a looong day! I'll let you know how it goes!


crisc23 said...

Here is luck for you and I will take any you have for me as well =)
Mine turned 2 in May and is so ready just wont go on the potty

Maryanne said...

She sounds about ready to me! Good luck and KUP! :)

sara said...

Good luck, I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Also you have an award waiting at my place, come by and grab it when you have a sec!

Tracy said...

Good luck! My middle boy is 3 and he will pee and is totally potty trained that way.....it is the whole#2 issue that is a major problem. If you have any tips on that one, I'm all ears!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that! I swear Riley will be in diapers until he goes to high school! LOL

I have a Blog Award for you! Come grab it when you get a chance! :)


Busy Working Mama said...

DO it and DO IT NOW! We started slowly around 20 months, then right at 2.5 I had enough and just put her in undies. After 1 day she was trained and never had an accident again. Find what works for your child - mine is super competitive so a "I bet I can keep my panties dry longer" comment did the trick. Good luck!