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Friday, July 23, 2010

Potty Training - Day 3

Well, I didn't post about Day 3 when it ended cause frankly, potty training is exhausting! BUT, Day 3 went pretty good!

Little S refused to try in the morning so I just left it - no need to cause her any anxiety - though I did wonder if I'd pay for that later! ... nope, no accidents in the a.m.!
After waking up dry she again refused to try... uh oh... needless to say she did end up 'watering' Dad's grass soon after dinner!

The big excitement of the day came at night when she went #2!! She went #2 again this morning and I think we're well on our way to a diaper free household!! It's been a long time coming!!

We have a day trip to a local amusement park planned for Sunday. Not too sure how we're going to tackle this one. I REALLY don't want to use a diaper for a day - just seems to be defeating the purpose, but we'll see how things go today and tomorrow.

For those of you who are interested, here are some tips and things that went well for us...
  • We waited for a number of 'readiness' signs.
  • We didn't use a "potty", but rather a seat that sits on the regular toilet. Someone suggested ages ago when I was training my twins that some children have difficulty switching from a potty to a toilet and that using an insert would avoid this.
  • Not pressuring her to try all the time, but rather asking often and allowing her to 'check' her own body.
  • Praise, songs and books - all came during and after sitting on the toilet.
  • Buying super cute underwear and letting her choose the pair she wanted to start the day. One caution to this - a friend said that her little one would pee in her pants just so she could choose a new pair to wear!
  • We never used pull-ups, but rather went straight to underwear.
  • Don't venture too far from home. Little S went so far as the edge of our lawn! Sometimes there were only seconds between her saying she had to go and her actually going. I think she'll be pretty house bound the next little while (aside from this weekend's day trip!).
  • I plan to use one of the diaper change pads in her car seat for the next little while. It's a super thin, but resistant one.
  • We have a fold-up travel seat that we'll be taking with us for the next while when we're out. It's great because it gives little ones a place to put their hands and prevents little bums from falling in! It's a bit of a trade off - not carrying diapers but carrying this seat :)
Good luck to all those potty training Mamas out there! It's a process - that's for sure, but boy is it worth it!!


Busy Working Mama said...

Awesome!! Glad for #2! TGIF :)

Shairbearg said...

You are inspiring me! I really need to get on it! We won't be diaper free in our house, but only having to buy 1 set of diapers would really be nice, and not having to change 2 dirty bums....oh the dreams I dream these days.

Shairbearg said...
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Tracy said...

That is great! My 3 yo is still battling with #2.....darn boys are a teeny bit more difficult than girls...or at least so I've been told!

nicolegtarantino said...

Potty Training! AHH! I'm glad its going so well for you.. unfortunately with my daughter it was a huge struggle and the ONLY way we got through it was with www.thepottybootcamp.com Who woulda ever thought an e-book would save the day for me and my daughter? Goodluck and hope it keeps going well for you!

Lisa said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower from the Friday blog hops!!! :) Nice to meet you! Enjoying your articles on potty training. I have 6 kids and never did potty training. :) It does look exhausting. Hang in there. It's only for a season.

Hope you'll come visit me soon and follow back.
Lisa xoxo
Raising Future Leaders

Lisa said...

Hi Kady! Thanks for following me! We showed the 1st one what to do and when he was ready to stop wearing diapers he let me know. He was 2 months away from turning 4. We were moving the next day into a brand new house and he said, "Mom, I don't want to wear diapers in my new house". That was the end of it. Most moms want their kids out of diapers by then, but I preferred not to go through the stress. We never had any accidents, bed wetting, etc. this way. He then showed #2 how to do it when he was ready, a little over the age of 3. They both showed #3 and he got it by 3 1/2. Then #4 figured it out without much help, he was under 3. Then #3 & #4 took #5 into the bathroom one day and said, "We're training him" and he got it pretty fast. He was around 3 1/4. Now we have #6 who will be 3 in Sept., the only girl and she's starting to make connections. But we never used a potty with any of them, just a little step in front of the toilet when they were ready to try it. Never tried to get into a routine or anything. No books in the bathroom or rewards and it worked for us.

I'll be looking forward to read more about how it all turns out for you. :)
Lisa xoxo