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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Potty Training - Day 1

So, Day 1 has come to an end... no diapers all day - even nap! I started by putting her on every 20 minutes, but that was just too often so I played it by ear. There was 1 accident on the bathroom floor in the morning and then no accidents before nap! Fantastic! She was so proud of herself every time and we all acted like fools when 'it happened'! I have never seen her smile so hard before! I put her down for nap without a diaper, but gave her far less milk before hand than usual... I know, I live dangerously! She woke up dry!

It was the remainder of the day (after nap) that the training turned to just 'ok'. She had 2 accidents (1 on tile - yay! 1 on carpet - boo!) and only 1 success before going to bed for the night. Every time I asked her if she had to go she'd say "no thanks Mom", but I think she was just tired of the whole thing - and so was I! My back was sore from sitting on the stool every time! Although I will say that the iced cap my hubby picked up for me did help! ;)

I took this pic after I left her for 2 seconds to answer the phone... 2 seconds, an ENTIRE roll of t.p.!

Little S also had her very first 'wedgie' - LOL! She came over saying she had a "poo poo" and that her "bum hurt", I had a peak and sure enough... too cute!

Tomorrow is Day 2 in our journey... wish me even more luck! Thanks too for all the comments and support, both here and on my FB page! I LOVE hearing from everyone even if I can't respond to each of you!


Shairbearg said...

You are inspiring me! My Wes has been ready for a while, but Mommy hasn't been so good at it! With the baby and all I've been inconsistent! So proud of S she did great! haha love the TP on the floor, it happens at our house, too, and Jack puts it all back LMAO!

sara said...

her first wedgie...that made me laugh out loud! fingers crossed for day 2!!

Busy Working Mama said...

Go Little S!! Good for you!