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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Potty Training - Day 2

Day 2 had an early start. Little S woke up calling for me at 12:30am. Being the super Mom that I am (!) I ran right in and she told me she needed her diaper changed. YAY! She had made it a little wet. I put her on the toilet before putting a dry one on and she went some more! DOUBLE YAY! I thought this was a definite good sign!

The day turned out to be "ok". We had 3 accidents, but also some progress. She hasn't had a #2 since starting this whole process - too much information?! So I'm kinda waiting for the bomb to drop! (sorry, couldn't help myself! LOL!)

Funny story... It was my night to give the girls their bath. They all bathe together in the big soaker tub we have. Well, I got the tub filled and all 3 girls inside. Can you see where this is going? Not 3 minutes into the bath Little S says, "Mamma, haf to pee!". I knew she was due, but got nothing beforehand. I stood her up - just in time for her big sisters and I to see her have her pee - in the water! The big girls started screaming -after all, they were sitting in "pee water" and Little S was confused by all the noise. Ahh... I love potty training.

Despite all the progress, I feel like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulder when that night-time diaper goes on!


Donda said...

I know this sounds totally insane but I potty trained my 3 daughters in a week. I had them just sit on her pot while she watched Barney or Dora or whatever and they would get so tickled pink that they would hear their self potty when they weren't even trying that they always wanted to be on the pot. So for a whole week they were. The boy wasn't so easy LOL

Tracy said...

It is a definite struggle. I sometimes lack the necessary patience to help with the #2 portion. One day, he will do it. Hopefully before he starts school!!!!

I also wanted to stop in and let you know that I have shared an award with you on my blog.
Take care,

Shining 2 Save said...

Hi, I'm your newest follower from hop along friday. I'm gonna start potty training my son in a couple weeks.


Susie B. Homemaker said...

Congrats on the progress! I'm still trying to get my 2 yr. old to want to go on the potty- she wants nothing to do with it right now. :p

I have an award for you:

Josh Healy said...

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momondealz said...

We have just begun the great adventure of potty training! Happy Friday. I am your newest follower via the Blog Hop. Hope you have a chance to follow me back. :)

Michelle said...

I am so thankful my potty training days are over. ;)

I'm following from Blog Hop. Have a great weekend!